Business Law

Business law encompasses a variety of legal disciplines and transactions as individuals and companies interact with each other and the government.  Starting, selling or buying a business, setting up corporations (profit and non-profit), forming limited liability companies, partnerships, ownership options, buy-sell agreements, intellectual property, accounting, taxes, and employment law are the things we do at the Law Offices of Dennis J.  Polen to ensure smooth business operations.

Business Formation and Internal Agreements: Attorney Dennis J. Polen

Businesses can be formed as partnerships, LLCs, corporations and other entities. Attorney Dennis J. Polen helps clients choose the business entity best suited for their enterprise. For example, he may recommend an S-corporation to achieve tax savings or a limited partnership for some owners to participate as investors only. The primary purpose is to set up an entity to meet the needs of the owner and business goals. By working with attorney Dennis J. Polen, businesses can get off to a good start.

Attorney Dennis J. Polen also drafts internal agreements for company management. A common example is an LLC operating agreement. This agreement is carefully drafted to govern important business decisions, outline how owners will share profits and losses and how ownership rights will be transferred.

Navigate Complex Transactions: The Law Offices of Dennis J. Polen

Securities regulation and Internet commerce are heavily-regulated industries. Attorney Dennis J. Polen offers sound advice regarding the latest legal developments and how it affects individual businesses. He also provides valuable insight into business transactions and spots potential problems for clients. If it’s a go, he works closely with business clients to ensure a smooth transaction from beginning to end.

Business law provides guidance and rules for businesses to follow in order to preempt disputes. Attorney Dennis J. Polen structures transactions to minimize a business’s exposure to litigation. This strategic legal maneuvering saves his clients substantial amounts of money and minimizes disputes. And if a dispute does arise, he’s a strong advocate of arbitration as a remedy. Not only does attorney Dennis J. Polen save his clients money, he provides them with a greater competitive advantage.

Whether you’re starting up a company, embarking on a business transaction or are facing a business dispute, turn to attorney Dennis J. Polen for the best legal advice and representation.